Emotions of Startups

Startups are like a roller-coaster but with much much more emotions.

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After talking to and reading about many many people who have founded and worked on a startup like blood and sweat, this is what i would like to compile on Emotions of Startups.

Here you go: Emotions of Startups

  • Excitement: When an entrepreneur (you) gets a new idea.

  • Displeasure: When you start finding faults in it.

  • Determination: When you solve the faults you found.

  • Frustration: When you encounter various hurdles (slow government processes) in order to start.

  • Hope: When you get through all the legal processes with patience; all eager to start.

  • Doubt: When you start the development and are not sure if that is what you wanted.

  • Joy: When you already start doing pre-sales.

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  • Depression: When you start marketing your product and the sales are not doing as you expected.

  • Happiness: When the sales conversion rates finally turn as expected.

  • Annoyed: When there is a point where business stops growing and there is a need to optimize and reinvent.


  • Bored: When business grows steadily and you don’t see anything else to do. Nothing to fix, nothing more to work on.


  • Excitement: And the roller-coaster of emotions of startup starts again.startups

Let us know if you have a similar emotions of startups, and if we are missing something.




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